Beauty is What Beauty Does


adjective: pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically

       Not long ago, I heard my youngest daughter laughing from the other room.  Without even seeing her, it made me laugh.  A few days later I heard her laughing again and I peeked in to see her joyful face, almond eyes bright, long brown hair shining, full pink lips curled upward…white teeth showing.  She was the picture of beauty.  She is by nature a happy person.  A giggler.  She finds worth in everything she encounters.  Her personality makes her fun, but her laughter makes her beautiful.

       I remember wanting to laugh in junior high but not having the confidence.  I did laugh a lot in high school. I wish I laughed more through out my life.  Now everything is so serious…so many responsibilities, disappointments, exhaustion.  I’m becoming cynical. None of this is full of beauty.

       What delights our hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch? What is beauty if it does not exude joy? We should all increase the things that make us happy. Thus, increasing our own beauty…the one that lurks within. I’m going to practice smiling more. I’m going to notice what I like aesthetically around me. I’m going to take pause when I hear a laugh. I kind of like that about myself, engaging in laughter…being beautiful.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

John Keats

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