Living Large


noun: a very large quantity of something

       The definition of abundance does not do it justice. Many living in poverty have an abundance of things. Many living in wealth lack an abundance of character. Bigger doesn’t always mean better and more doesn’t always mean meritorious.

       At some point I started buying shit I didn’t need with money I didn’t have. Maybe it was when I got my first credit card. Maybe it was when Wal-Mart came to town and everything seemed so cheap. Maybe it was when the adrenaline of childhood melted away and the drudgery of adulthood began settling in…an immediate reward was earned with a purchase. The house got fuller, so we bought a bigger house. Everything in that new house was soon to be super sized. We built a big pool, a big bbq, got a big dog, we even had a big sectional couch.  I don’t know why we did all that?!

       I love talking to people about what is abundant in their lives. Sometimes the word turns out to be negative. I have an abundance of breath, an abundance of ideas, an abundance of love that surrounds me.  They grant me a grateful heart. I kind of like that about myself…looking for things that I cannot see. In abundance.

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”

Wayne Dyer

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