noun: the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health

And therein lies the problem.  I know no one who is in good physical health AND good mental health.  At least no one my age, middle aged.  Which, by the way, is not in the middle.  The average life span of a female in America is 82.2; which is ranked 35th in the world, I might add.  That means 41 is middle age.  Not 50 something.  Not even 40 something.  Early 40s, baby!  Ok, I categorize my friends…I have my “Oldest Dearest Friends” from high school, my “Couples Friends” that got married around the same time I did and raised their families with mine, “Baseball Moms” that I’ve bonded with through my son’s years and years of, you guessed it, traveling and playing baseball.  Every single woman I know is in neither “good” physical health or “good” mental health, let alone trying to conquer both simultaneously.  We are all quite literally suffering from aches, pains, varying degrees of menopause, varying degrees of exhaustion, and a general feeling of overwhelmed craziness.

So, what does “wellness” really mean, or better yet, what does it look like?  Well, there are a number of people who make a living telling us in magazine articles, blogs, and the like, that wellness is a lifestyle of organic food, exercise, design choices that will allow us to be healthier, breathe better, and think clearer.  And…I bought into it.  I have tried.  But without a gardener, chef, stylist, and more hours in the day; I can’t make it work.  And honestly, it just leaves me feeling bad about myself.  I can’t eat healthy, do yoga, garden, write, do laundry, keep my house clean, pick up the dry cleaning, get gas, bathe the dog, be wife, mother, and hold down any kind of job…there just isn’t enough time in a day, week, month, lifetime.  Am I taking care of myself?  Am I taking care of everyone else?  Am I taking care of my house?  What am I doing?  That’s too much to juggle!  Juggling is not wellness.

Well-being is also a noun, it means “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”.  Ok, I can master that.  I kind of like that about myself…let the juggling ensue, find some balance, I can be comfortable OR healthy OR happy.  And maybe even find some wellness in the process :).

“Well-being is making its way to you at all times.

If you will relax and find a way to allow it, it will be your experience.”

Esther Hicks

“Live well, Love much, Laugh often.”


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