Energy is Life is Energy


noun: the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity

Spring is right around the corner. March 20th is officially The First Day of Spring.  Otherwise known as the vernal equinox, when there is roughly an equal amount of daylight and darkness. After the 20th the days begin getting longer.  In some neck of the woods Spring is already peeking its head out. It takes a lot of energy to push through the winter and be born again. That is why Spring is so glorious.  That is why life is energy.

Mother Nature is simply amazing. Among other things, she is certainly a creator of life. My favorite part of Spring is watching the leaves erupt into existence. That is why energy is life. We have these trees that when the first buds arrive they look like chandeliers.  Watching those buds grow into leaves is magical for me every year.  It takes the sun, the rain, the healthy earth…and energy.

Another part of Spring’s enchantment is seeing flowers grow where they were never planted.  Last year’s seeds carried by the wind burst through the soil and grow uninhibited all around my garden, drinking in life. Each year the nasturtiums, bells of Ireland, holly hocks and others abound thicker than the year before.  Imagine the energy it takes to fly on the wind, embed yourself in the soil, and then emerge slowly and gracefully toward the sun. Only in the end to share yourself for life’s next cycle.

So much to learn from Spring. What are you pushing through to be born into again?  What glorious thing is expending your energy towards creation? What slow and graceful gifts are you giving the world? I kind of like that about myself…seeking energy. To welcome Spring in all aspects of life.

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

Benjamin Franklin

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