Here’s To Flourishing!


verb: grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way,

especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment

A favorite day for me is getting up early.  Hot coffee. Yoga.  Working in the garden.  A healthy breakfast (veggie fou-fou eggs, breakfast potatoes, melon, juice).  Reading.  Going for a walk.  Manicure and pedicure.  Twenty minute power nap.  A cocktail.  Watching the sunset.  Seafood for dinner.  Another walk. Watching the moon rise.  Staring at the stars. Drifting off to sleep listening to the ocean.

Not just to live.  But to live life vigorously.  With joy and purpose.  That is what I strive to do.

But more than a schedule of events and favorite foods. Vigorous living is developing a lifestyle that encompasses daily procedures to ensure procuring a favorable environment.  Not only getting my work and chores done each day, but “moving life forward”.  Meaning continually doing something extra to validate the time spent in this house, in this town, in this life.  Organizing everything into its place, planting flowers, buying someone a coffee.

I must also see things I love and are beautiful all around me, delighting my senses.  There are flowers in every room.  Candles, seashells, photographs.  Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables displayed in the kitchen.  Crisp linens, soft pillows, books.  Bushes and trees thriving about our property.  Evidence of life.

I kind of like that about myself…flourishing.  Thriving, evolving, dreaming, becoming, because of the ambience I create for myself.  How do you flourish?

“Those in the world who flourish,

thrive, laugh and love more often than not,

first and foremost, are the dreamers.”

Gemma Stone

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