What Is A Saint?


noun: a person acknowledged as holy or virtuous and typically regarded as being in heaven after death

Saints are people who are set apart, they live amazing lives, having a likeness to God.  Many religions and cultures celebrate saints, mostly based on similar attributes.

The first Christian saints were Jesus’ disciples, family, and close friends who lived with him and continued his ministry after he was crucified.  After that, saints were embraced and chosen by their peers and local religious leaders.  A more formal process began around the tenth century.  It is now a three step process of veneration, beatification, and canonization.

There are currently over twenty thousand recognized Christian saints.  Some acclaimed as martyrs, some confessors, others teachers and significants in the church; still others are do gooders, devout men and women making life better for the less fortunate. Most saints refuse a materialistic life, intercede on behalf of others and have some kind of benevolent power.  Many saints have even revealed a connection to or secret of the divine and holy.

I love reading about them.  They model a life well lived.  Their sacrifices and disciplined living give me perspective.  Saints assure me that we all have a destiny.  That we are all connected.  And that all of life is for some greater purpose.

“The saints are the sinners who keep ongoing.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

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