What’s Your Identity?


noun: the fact of being who or what a person or thing is; the characteristics determining this

“Who-o-o Ar-r-re You-u-u?” says the caterpillar to Alice in Alice and Wonderland.  And I wonder, yes who am I?  I have many titles such as wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, boss.  Looking into my past you can add teacher, dance instructor, student.  But those are things I do now or did then, not who I actually am.

Time moves on, I metamorphosis and grow just like the rest of the living world.  As a living being I am constantly reinventing myself.  Does my identity evolve, too? Or is my identity what is at my core, the thing that remains the same?

I am curious, creative, caring, these are my central characteristics…yesterday, today, forever.  I am who I am, not what I do.  When I am honest about that I find myself on the road to my destiny.  I know myself better.  And then life just feels right.  Peace.  Contentment, perhaps.  Success, I hope.

What is your identity? Who are you? Be true to that…your thoughts, your talents, your passions.  I kind of like that about myself…being true to my own identity, who I am at heart.  Adjusting with purpose.

“The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose.”                                              Richard R. Grant

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