What Is Family For?


noun: a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household

It’s that time of year where we are half way between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and the school year is coming to a close. Children are rejoicing in sleeping in and college kids are returning home. It is officially June and soon half another year will be over.  It makes me think of family.  Families come in various shapes and sizes, with many different intentions.  For me, I want family to mean…Home.  Laughter.  Warmth.  Peace.  Something always cooking, pillows always fluffed, a swimming pool or board game always beckoning. I still vehemently believe in Norman Rockwell paintings.

So, I’m out running errands and ordering my traditional graduation gifts when I find myself in a stop-and-chat.  A man a bit older than I wanted to discuss social media and the degradation of the modern family.  Ok.  A bit much for a Monday morning, but I didn’t want to be rude.  So he tells me people on social media know more about his grandchildren than he does, and it makes him sad.  That made me sad.  “I just don’t understand when people are making dinner and cleaning their toilets and planting flowers up their walk” I say. “Everyone’s life is more exciting than mine, obviously. I’m not out every weekend, I’m not doing fabulous things, I live in a bubble” I explain with a nervous laugh, wah wah wah Debbie Downer style.  And then he says, “You make a nest.  I know you.  So many others are out getting the dollar menu for dinner, and looking more important than they are, and spending money they don’t have for someone else to clean their house and plant their flowers.” Umm…I think there is a complement in there somewhere?!

So, at this time of year it begs me to question:

Are we not having dinner together as a family anymore?

Are there no more movie nights or game nights?

Can we stop getting out “the good dishes” and inviting the grandparents over for holidays?

I don’t have to model sewing on a button?

Is my garden not impressing anyone?

Well, shit…Maybe I’m doing it wrong!  But I kind of like that about myself…making family everything.  And everything about family.

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”

Michael J. Fox

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