noun: a feeling of deep anxiety or dread, typically an unfocused one about the human condition or the state of the world in general

Why am I so-o-o judgmental?  The grocery store is where I am the worst…I am totally a cart checker!  I look everyone up and down and judge whether they actually need those cookies, ice cream and candy they have put into their cart.  No one needs all those bags of chips!  Don’t even go down the soda aisle, what are you doing?  This is why I like Trader Joes…those are more my people.

Don’t even get me started about Wal Mart.  I hate myself for even going.  I’m always just ahead or just behind “The Cat Lady”.  She has fifty cans of cat food and six liters of Diet Coke in her cart.  Is she eating the cat food?  Is the cat drinking the Diet Coke?  I don’t understand.  And is that her sister with her or her “partner”?

The only place I don’t allow myself to judge is church. However, I live in a small town and the same people I see at church are the people I have already judged at the grocery store and Wal Mart.

It causes me such angst.  People being both unhealthy and odd, and my shrewd discrimination of them.  I have a problem with people who are ignorant.  Where are people’s health manners?  Where are their moral compasses?  Don’t they recognize they are messing with our collective Karma???

I suppose we all have our prejudices.  And judgements.  It’s human nature.  Still, I don’t like that about myself, all the angst…I wonder what people are saying about me?

“I have a very good life, so I have nothing to complain about. Sometimes, I just have existential angst.”
Meg Ryan

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  1. You will find the beginning of that will be in your childhood Meg. The people you loved and looked up to probably judged you and others, or made you feel like you were being judged for who you were, not realising it, but now that action has a firm hold in your life. And because you now do it, unintentionally you will pass it on to your children. Not all of them, but the ones with those tendencies.
    And if you look very deep within, it may actually show you the real answer, which will allow you to release it and no longer be controlled by whatever fear that it raises for you.
    May your heart lead you to its truth, and set you free 😀


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