Commemorating All Saints Day


noun: remembrance, typically expressed in a ceremony

November 1st is All Saints Day.

The day before All Saints Day is Halloween, or All Hallows Eve. “Hallow” meaning holy or saintly. In the United States children dress up and go trick-or-treating; asking for candy from neighbors, family and friends. Themes of death are common and celebrated with costumes and decorations. Modern Halloween practices have become more secular and have lost their connections to the religious holiday.

Catholics celebrate All Saints Day honoring all those who are in heaven, especially those named by the church as saints. It is a Holy Day of Obligation. Protestants use the day to remember all Christians living or dead.

In Portugal, Spain and Mexico offerings are made to the dearly departed on this day. In Europe flowers and candles are placed on graves. In some European areas family members repair and maintain loved ones gravesites.

Happy All Hallows Eve and All Saints Weekend! Commemorate all those who came before us, may they be remembered for all the good they did, and may they rest in peace. And enjoy…there is nothing cuter than a small child in a Halloween costume!

“Will we ever stop being afraid of nights and death? When you reach the stars, boy, yes, and live there forever, all the fears will go, and Death himself will die.”

Ray Bradbury

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