adjective: not discovered or known about; uncertain

Is it just me, or does everything in the world seem upside down right now? Is it middle age? At first I blamed it on a new century. But we are fifteen years in and the obscurities continue. I just don’t understand most things most days. Perhaps it’s the media. Perhaps it’s the government. Maybe the two are working together to jedi mind warp us. I know just because “they” say it, it doesn’t make it true. Is it technology? We are all so distracted by our gadgets, social media, tv.

I try, really try, to see the other sides of things. I do. I hate making the effort to understand a concept so foreign to me just to give up and declare another conspiracy must be at play. Seriously, if these things are true, then there are so many conspiracies happening that someone is definitely out to get me…and that is surely how bigfoot was born. Am I going mad?

There is anxiety out in the world. A desperation. I feel it. As if everyone is under so much pressure that they will snap at any given moment. And I wonder what will be the trigger? What will set off the chain reaction. A natural disaster always seems around the corner. Or a terrorist attack. What if the stock market crashes? Our poor country feels on the brink. What about just my town? There are more and more people living in poverty. I see it. Less people at the grocery store. But more and more using food stamps. People are worried. About their children, about their health, about the future. I hear it.

All this negativity is making life stagnant. The air is thick making us collectively numb and stiffening us individually in place. It’s threatening our future, choking our dreams. There is too much to get through. Where are the opportunities?

I feel desperation. I see poverty. I hear worry. It makes my heart ache. There are no easy paths in life. What I know for sure is everyday we must fight for what we know to be true. We must be kind to each other. And we must have a grateful heart that points us in the direction of happiness. Obscurities aside, it’s a beautiful day and anything is possible. Remembering that makes me kind of like that about myself.

“Truth is so obscure in these times, and falsehood so established, that,                                                   unless we love the truth, we cannot know it.”

Blaise Pascal

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