adjective: having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics;

as good as it is possible to be

So, I just wrapped up a major renovation on my house. For all intents and purposes at some point during the six month process I moved everything I own out of the house. But to my detriment, my family and I continued living here. Not too long ago my bed was in my husband’s office. We had to basically crawl up on it, or take a running leap, because there was little to no walking around it to get in properly. I didn’t complain because at that point at least I could cook in my kitchen, something I hadn’t been able to do for more than three months. When you’re under construction you get eating or sleeping, not both.

Who am I to complain? I brought this on myself. And…it is amazing now that it is done. My workers are like family. They saw me without make up wrapped up in my robe each morning. And I accidentally walked in on one of them going to the bathroom. Okay, it happened twice. But it was tight quarters for so many of us, even without the furniture. Life was upside down and twisted for a time not being able to be on a daily schedule and continuous routines.

 One of my favorite renovation tales was that the new refrigerator didn’t fit in the custom cabinet that was built for it. The cabinet was off and the refrigerator specs were off, too. There was talk of an eighth of an inch here, a quarter inch there, another eighth. Basically a half inch. A HALF INCH! A half inch was stopping the appliance installers, custom cabinet manufactures, a contractor and his three workers, and the progress of my kitchen (a.k.a. cooking again). Everyone had to just go home and think on it. A plan had to be concocted, the problem had to be solved…it was another two weeks. Today my fridge is in its cabinet home and I am happy to have that experience behind us! The lesson being…Nothing. Is. Perfect. Even with professionals, and technology, and planning for more than a year…”as good as it is possible to be” just wasn’t good enough. It is still off an eighth of an inch or so. But we got to “good enough” and the small imperfections we will have to live with.

Renovations reveal so much. The timeline was extended, several times, and we went completely over budget, of course. Many lessons were learned. Such as life. The best part was my house disclosed itself in a variety of new ways and told me stories I didn’t know, even though I have lived here for almost twenty years. I am more in love with it now than ever before, and I think it appreciates the updates. I am embracing perfectly imperfect and I kind of like that about myself.

“When you’re passionate about something, you want it to be all it can be. But in the endgame of life, I fundamentally believe the key to happiness is letting go of that idea of perfection”.
Debra Messing

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  1. Ah, yes. We added on to our house while I was pregnant. I came home from the doctor’s one day to announce I was having the baby that day and you’ve never seen men move so fast:). Welcome back to your kitchen! It’s truly one of the hallmarks of a civilized society.


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