Appreciating the Little Things


noun: the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something

This morning my teenage daughter wanted to take doughnuts to school for her teacher’s birthday. Since she only has her driving permit she drives herself to school, but I sit shotgun, clutching my coffee and praying for light traffic. It is one more reminder that I am present in my life but I have no control over it.

So as she runs into the local Doughnut Shop, I sit in the passenger’s seat sipping my coffee and watching people hurriedly grab a tea or coffee or their favorite doughnut on their way to work. I feel nostalgic for having a place to go, things to do, people counting on me. But I haven’t worked like that for more than eighteen years. Interesting how feelings from so long ago can wash over you in an instant.

“When, what to my wondering eyes should appear?” But a Mother, a beautiful Mom and her three small children rushing into the shop. Their eyes excited, their hair all coifed perfectly (both girls had bows), their clothes cleaned and ironed, their shoes relatively new and tied. My daughter returned with her purchase and explained it was the oldest child’s birthday and they were buying doughnuts for his classmates. She said they were well mannered and very excited for a special morning celebration treat.

It did my heart good. There are still Mom’s who have it all together when it matters most. They are loving their children and taking the best of care of them, too. It is important work. This getting up early and making everything perfect for a child’s birthday may go unvalidated, but for an appreciation by a stranger whose own motherhood is waning. With all that is happening in the world around us, life still goes on. Birthdays and doughnuts for classmates and beautiful dotting mothers make me happy. I appreciate the mothers of this world for making it a better place…for all of us. And I kind of like that about myself.

Happy First Day of Autumn…Treat your own self to a doughnut and appreciate the goodness that is truly around all of us.

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.”

Dalai Lama

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  1. Reading you post brought back memories for me. I raised three children but I also worked a full time job out of neccesity. I use to go to bed at about 1am and wake around between 3 and 4am so I could get them ready for their day at school. I prepared dinner the night before, did the laundry, helped with home work and projects, I would take one to hockey, one to gymnastics and the little one to dance. I did have the help of my husband thank goodness. I also had to drive them to and from school but did have another mom who used to pick them up and I would take her crew to school in the morning. I had a wonderful woman who watched them from when they got home until I arrived around 5pm. Yes it was hard but well worth it. Today my children are raising their own families and I get the joy of spoiling my grandchildren. It was all worth it. :o)


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