verb: attract and hold the interest and attention of; charm

So, the last few weeks I have been deluged in a masters program that I began this summer. I actually started the program about twenty years ago, and then forfeited half way through due to young children. But the children grew up, like children do, and I wanted to finish what I had started. I’m learning that the brain is a muscle and it has memory. So I am grateful, it’s all coming back to me.

But gratitude aside, it did take me two weeks to get my official parking pass for Summer Session. Never mind that the session is only six weeks total. And I have to walk up eleven flights of stairs to get to my first class (the university is on a hill). Arriving “out-of-breath” is an understatement. I am also still figuring out “Google Docs” and continuing to mess up my group’s shared bibliography.

Still, it is spectacular to be learning again. Everything has a new feel about it. The best part is the people. My teachers are leaders in their field of research and curriculum. They are authors of books, journal articles, text books, and are active in research. They are beyond inspiring. The other women in my class are diverse, complex individuals that are charming and capable and frankly captivating. Their experiences and their stories are oh so motivating. Humans are amazing…especially the female kind!

“I’m always captivated by stories of women who find a way to be daring – “

Sue Monk Kidd

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  1. Beginner’s mind is so delightful, isn’t it?! I give you so much credit for taking the plunge. I truly hope we become more open to people beginning or switching careers/endeavors as we get older. We all have multiple talents and should be given the chance to put them to good use!

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