adjective: preferred before all others…

Summer isn’t officially over for a few weeks. But children are heading back to school. College students are traveling away from home; beginning for the first time or once again as a sophomore, junior or senior their quest for adulthood, freedom and higher education. And adults are finishing up vacations and putting nose to grindstone before the holiday season. (Which will be upon us before we know it!) I love this time of year. It’s another excuse to begin again, do over, reset. For more perspective and inspiration check out 15 Quotes on Back to School. But before movin’ on to fall, I want to take a moment to identify the best of summer. Some of my favorite things the last few months were:

Finishing that book I’d been reading (for nearly two years!).

Watching the sun set, a lot.

Learning some interesting facts. (Like the distance between the 1st & 2nd knuckle of your index finger is roughly an inch. It’s the same for every human!)

Meeting new women. (They were AMAZING!)

Traveling. By plane, train, car, boat and boy did I walk!

Having a seasonal cocktail, or three.

Buying new books.

Doing my best to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Buying and displaying flowers that are out of season. What an indulgence!

Going to a concert.

I have had a delightful summer full of reflection and family and celebrations. Just like I like it…good food, cocktails, sunsets. But now it’s time to get back to Being Wise. “Beautiful living”, I like the sound of that. While these are some of my favorite things from this summer, I’m wondering why I don’t do them every season? Coming home from vacation is one of the best things about leaving. Returning to what you know and treasure and delight in each and every season…I kind of like that about myself.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”


What were some of your summer favs? May each of you have a blessed September!

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