What’s In Your Wheelhouse?


noun: a place or situation in which one is advantageously at ease

I have two sons away at college. Lately they have both been using the term “wheelhouse”. As in “I need to have that in my wheelhouse, Mom”. I didn’t even know what that meant. So, I agreed. Feigned interest. And then ran and looked it up.

Wow…interesting. I never really thought of “skills” or “attributes” or “expertises” or “talents” to put one in a place of ease. Quite the opposite. The priorities I have obsessed over have given me anxiety. But I am trying to shift my perception; wheelhouse. When am I “…advantageously at ease”? Therein lies the problem. I have never felt that I had the advantage. Nor have I ever felt at ease, but that is a discussion for another time. Advantage was always going to be somewhere in the future, when I was wise and an expert. When I have a problem I often think to myself, “I should ask a wise old woman what I should do, maybe someone in their fifties?” Then I remember. The cold. Hard. Truth. I am the wise old woman. I am the someone in their fifties. Yikes!

Okay, back to shifting my perception; wheelhouse. A place or situation in which I am advantageously at ease…??? Ummm….Home. Ok, hosting a party. Teaching children. Gardening. Yeah, I got those in my wheelhouse. And I might not be the wise old woman, yet…but I am working on it. And I kind of like that about myself.

“I also offer questionable advice and dubious moral support. Anything else”—he shrugged noncommittally—“is sorta outside of my wheelhouse.”
J.A. Hunter

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